About Us

VistaPlus consists of experienced professionals who guide members with: intention setting, microdosing, data collection and attaining personal growth. We try to share our findings and collaborate with dedicated healthcare professionals and practitioners that share our vision, and regard psychedelics as powerful tools for (collective) transformation.

Our goal is to provide well-researched information about the benefits and effects of microdosing for professional and emotional growth, in hopes that society at large will eventually shift its perception on psychedelic use towards a more holistic approach towards healing and healthcare.

VistaPlus does not encourage illegal activities. Any information we provide is for education and information only. This site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Hidde Schröder - Founder & Holistic Integration Practitioner / Psychedelic Guide

I’ve been researching health, nutrition and alternative means of medicine/healing over the past decade. With a special interest in the mind-body connection; how thoughts and emotions influence our physiology. I have a background working as a massage therapist and have been consistently practicing other disciplines such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, pranic healing and martial-arts.

When my mother got diagnosed with cancer I was eager to learn as much as possible to help her feel better, and started looking closer into plant medicine. When I subsequently got injured myself by breaking my neck in an accident, feeling depressed as a result and having spent months in recovery; I found microdosing to be a major catalyst in this healing process, both mental and physical.

Psilocybin can be a beautiful instrument and ‘teacher’ to assist you in attaining a wider perspective and deeper states of consciousness. The experiences and insights felt during and after the microdosing process can help you to restore the balance within yourself.

Hidde is an experienced practitioner with training in Psychedelic Integration from the MIND Foundation, and has first-hand experience in guiding hundreds of individuals in the process of microdosing. He has worked as a facilitator at Psychedelic Insights & Field Trip Health EU and is currently active as a psychedelic facilitator and ceremonial guide with Spinoza.co.  

"It is a privilege to contribute and assist others in this process of re-connecting and self-exploration, and to gain more understanding into mental-, emotional- and spiritual growth and personal transformation."

David de Graaf - Co-founder & Data Analyst

David is educated as a data scientist. Earning a masters in quantitative finance from Free University in Amsterdam, he has a neck for numbers. He currently works as an entrepreneur with a passion for community. His life long dream is to live in balance with nature with his beautiful family on his own property in Southern Europe.  

Through Hidde David was introduced to microdosing. David quickly realised its potential for 'life hacking' and personal development. Having personally experienced the fruits of microdosing, he committed to helping set up a research foundation to scientifically underwrite his personal experiences. 

"With VistaPlus we have seen significant increases in energy, focus, ability to access emotions and connections to self. It's truly fascinating how much power and potential is concentrated in natural plant medicine. And microdosing is a great way to harness this potential in a responsible way."

David is happy to contribute to the team and excited to help different people experience the fruits of plant medicine, offering an alternative to regular medicine.