Guided Microdosing Programs 

Guided 6 week Journeys Into Self-Reflection, Personal Growth, Wellbeing and Purpose


  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Location: online/Zoom
  • Language: Dutch/English
  • Frequency: Bimonthly (groups)
  • Application : Apply directly here
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Some of the most reported benefits while microdosing:

  • Newfound clarity, direction, and purpose
  • Experiences of joy, connection, positivity, and optimism
  • Access more flow states for peak performance 
  • Creating alignment between your profession and values
  • Discovering new skills or passions
  • Breaking cycles of negativity and healing emotional wounds
  • Gaining new insights or solutions to old issues or patterns
  • Connecting in a new way to the people around you
  • Deepening or redefining your relationships
  • Amplifying your results from meditation, yoga, and other practices

Microdosing Program Structure

These programs are centered around learning, community support, peer-monitoring, intentional self-exploration and integration. During the course of the program you will receive all relevant information, and the support to ensure that your psychedelic experience is safe, and optimally effective in helping you clarify- and bring to life an impactful intention - ultimately leading to improved health and overall sense of well-being.  

1-on-1 Online Microdosing Experience (6-week) 

- 1x intake and intention conversation (15-30 minutes)
- 2x biweekly evaluation calls (30-60 minutes)
- 1x Zoom integration session (30-60 minutes)
- extensive email with all necessary and relevant information
- daily availability for Q&A via WhatsApp

 How we assist during this process:

  • clarifying and crystallizing your intentions
  • calibrating your dose (finding the “sweet spot”)
  • finding a suitable rhythm and schedule (the MD protocol)
  • learning to recognize the (more subtle) effects of the dose and how to navigate them
  • applying practical tools to deepen and anchor your experience, such as breathing, meditation and journaling
  • integrating acquired experiences and insights

Investment including (18x 1 gram) microdosing truffles: *€750,- excl. VAT.

How does it work?

The application creates a 'baseline'. This baseline indicates where you stand with regard to physical-, emotional- and mental well-being. Subsequently we will contact you for an intake call (15-30 minutes) where we determine whether you are suitable to join the program. In the week before the start, we meet online in a Zoom session for a personal introduction, and we share and discuss your goals and intentions.

You microdose for a maximum period of two months and then you take a month break, this is called the balance month. This protocol has been determined by James Fadiman, the lead in the field of microdosing. After we hope that you are able to continue on your own with new gained insights, and integrated perspectives. This also creates room for new participants.

You will take a microdose every 3 days, following the Fadiman protocol. After the first week of microdosing we meet again in a Zoom session; evaluating the first experiences and defining the integration process.

We have found that better, and especially longer lasting results are achieved when the microdosing program is followed with proper guidance and support.

Group Microdosing Challenge (6-week)

- 1-on-1 intake and intention conversation (15-30 minutes)
- 3x biweekly Zoom group sessions (60-90 minutes)
- 1x Zoom group integration session (60-90 minutes)
- extensive email with all necessary and relevant information
- private WhatsApp Community group access
- daily availability for Q&A via WhatsApp

Themes and Practices:

  • session 1: intentions and commitments/guided meditation/group sharing/Q&A
  • session 2: self-reflection/mindfulness/purpose/presence/breathwork
  • session 3: holistic well-being/creativity/flow/journaling exercises/group sharing
  • session 4: reflection/integration/guided meditation/group sharing

Group Program Overview

Session 1: Introduction and Preparation

In week 1, we kick off with an inspired look at what’s possible with microdosing, how it works, and an overview of the next 6 weeks. Our focus will be around setting a clear, meaningful intention for the experience so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Session 2:  Self-Reflection, Purpose and Presence

In week 2, we’ll take a deeper look at the foundation of all transformation: self-awareness. Then, as we enter into microdosing we will begin to explore the theme of mindfulness with exercises around mood, purpose and presence.

Session 3: Holistic Well-being, Creativity and Flow

In week 4, we explore the powerful role psychedelics can play in your well-being, both physically and psychologically, as emotionally.You’ll discover how psychedelics help you access higher states of flow and creativity. We’ll explore questions such as, “How can we live more inspired lives?” in work, career, and our personal lives. 

Session 4: Reflection and Integration

In week 6, we take time to reflect, integrate and chart our path forward so we can continue to reap the benefits well into the future. In our final call together, we close the container and talk about how to use this momentum in your day to day life, and how to continuously build on your experiences. As when it comes to psychedelics, integration is 80% of the work.

Investment including (18x 1 gram) microdosing truffles: *€599,- excl. VAT.

Why would I want to microdose as part of a group?

Psychedelics are deeply personal experiences so it can make sense to microdose individually. But that also makes it easier to slip into unconscious habits and patterns, and possibly miss the benefits you could be experiencing when you have the proper accountability and support. Microdosing in a group also allows you to connect with like-minded participants going through a similar process. This way we create a safe and supporting environment to connect and share. This also creates a 'sounding board' that gives you more insight into the broader effects of microdosing and the transformational potential of psychedelic medicine.

Benefits of microdosing in community:

  • Structure, Guidance, and Support: The experience format gives you a thoughtful, step-by-step approach to microdosing. This is especially helpful for beginners who may feel uncertain or anxious. We give you a roadmap to follow with full support.

  • Connection: Psychedelics are profound connectors. They help us be less judgemental and more open and curious. Going through the process as a group gives you a safe, compassionate container to connect with others going through a similar process.

  • Building Constructive Habits: It can take effort to shift habits on your own. Even when we want to change and sincerely yearn for growth we often unconsciously return to familiar patterns. Going through the process in a group gives you support and momentum to help make fundamental changes in your life.

  • Education: Psychedelics are potent substances, and a little education goes a long way to prevent harm and regrettable situations. With the power of community, you can integrate what to do and what not to do to achieve the desired positive results — faster.

  • Accountability: As we gain insights with microdosing, the real challenge is taking action. The group helps hold you accountable to your process so you can turn fleeting insights into lasting transformation.


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