Microdosing Course

  • personal introduction/intake call
  • microdosing truffles 
  • professional guidance 
  • community Whatsapp-group support
  • microdosing notebook
  • additional: integration coaching

How does Vista+ work?

After signing up we will send you an email with additional information and the registration form. This registration will determine whether you are suitable to join our program, and also creates a 'baseline'. The baseline indicates where you stand with regard to physical-, emotional- and mental well-being. Subsequently we will contact you for an intake call (max.15 min) where we will discuss your goals and intentions, and you can ask us any possible remaining questions.

A new group will start every second Saturday of the month.

You microdose for the first two months and then you take a month break (this is called the balance month). This protocol has been determined by James Fadiman, the lead in the field of microdosing. A membership is valid for a maximum of six months. After that we believe you should be able to continue on your own with new gained insights and sense of connectedness, and this creates room for new participants.

You will take a microdose every 3 days, following the Fadiman protocol. After two weeks of microdosing we'll have another conversation discussing your integration process (and you have filled in the monthly questionnaire in preparation) so that we can measure your progress. We do this again after a month and from here we determine whether you will continue, and how.

We have found that better, and especially longer lasting results are achieved when the microdosing program is followed with proper guidance and coaching.

Besides the intake interview (making your intentions and goals clear) and the monthly coaching conversations (evaluating your experiences), there is the opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences in a private Whatsapp group with all other participants which have started the course in the exact same weekend. This way we limit any possible risks and create a 'sounding board' that gives you more insight into the effects of microdosing and the transformational power of psychedelic medicine.

The investment for ten weeks of Vista+ guidance is € 200,- (VAT excluded)This includes: two evaluation/coaching sessions, required microdoses, microdosing notebook and Whatsapp support-group access.

Does this sound like something for you? 
Then please use the sign up button below to apply.

Note: due to laws and regulations we currently only accept participants living in the EU. (shipping charges outside of the Netherlands may apply)

There are things known and there are things unknown,
 and in between are the doors of perception. 

- Aldous Huxley