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The mind is comparable to an iceberg, your subconscious mind is hidden. Microdosing can assist in accessing the subconscious

VistaPlus is a non-profit research foundation based in Amsterdam. We research the transformational- and therapeutic value of microdosing for individuals as well as for society. We guide our members through the process of microdosing and collect anecdotal data.

Our goal is to research if some of society's challenges such as depression and addiction,  can be remedied with the use of plant medicines. We do this by collecting anecdotal data from our members and seeing what personal growth is possible with proper guidance and integration.

Think of achieving personal goals such as smoking or drinking less, more focus and clarity, more solidarity with yourself or a partner, getting in touch with your inner compass or simply a more positive outlook on life. On a bigger scale these would be beneficial goals for society at large.

We believe setting the right intention combined with a microdose and proper guidance and integration can help break patterns of addiction, increase focus to fight ADHD, reducing stress and burnout symptoms, and support a positive outlook on life combating depression and mid-life crisis.

We also found that healthy normals experience personal growth and development, and general sense of well being. They can experience increased focus at work and are often able to reconnect with their feelings on deeper levels.

Top 5 benefits vistaplus microdosing study chart improved mood decreased stress mre presence increased energy level happier

Guided Microdosing Program

Our members take a microdose of psychedelics for a maximum period of two months. The effects of the microdose should be sub-perceptual (meaning that it should not cause any distortions in your perception of reality). The effects are meant to be noticable, but subtle enough to be able to function though your usual routine without any issues.  The microdose is ingested every 3 days, following the James Fadiman protocol. We ask you to fill out a questionnaire every month to give us insights into your experience. The results so far are promising;

We see a gradual increase in 'happiness', a higher concentration, more connectedness with feelings and a reduction in stress levels (which often results in better sleep). It almost sounds too good to be true. But preliminary results point this way. All this combined creates personal growth. In our experience microdosing psilocybin sits somewhere between an anti depressant and a concentration stimulant. Only it is natural. And with the right integration you can anker this personal growth, allowing you to access it even after you finish microdosing.

At a metaphysical level this personal development makes sense. What happens when you take a microdose is that the blood flow to the Default Mode Network (DMN) in the brain gets disrupted, gets squeezed off slightly so to say. This is proven by Dr. Robin Carhart Harris at the Imperial College London doing fMRI research on people using psychedelics.

By living a conscious intention during your microdose period, you are more able to steer your insights, and benefit from a 'squeezed' ego. It is important to actively reflect on your intention during the months of microdosing, helping you to integrate your insights and new found perception of self. So that when you stop the microdosing period, you can still reap the benefits. We want the microdose to be a facilitating agent for personal growth but not to play a continuous role. 

The Dandelion symbolizes Healing from emotional pain and injury alike. In regards to my psychedelic experience very

Our Story

We personally reaped the benefits of taking a microdose for a period of time. Being baffled by the valuable insights and improved focus, we wanted to research if it was just us or if others observed similar growth.
Psilocybin can be a beautiful instrument and ‘teacher’ to assist in attaining a wider perspective and deeper state of consciousness. 

I am because We are. Microdose coaching and integration program. For attaining personal growth and psychedelics in research

Our Team

VistaPlus consists of a group of excited volunteers who guide members with intention setting, microdosing, data collection and attaining personal growth.

We try to share our findings and collaborate with dedicated researchers and practitioners that want to lay a foundation for future research.

Trying to expand your mind by changing your perspective. Looking for new horizons navigating your true north on the compass

Our Mission

VistaPlus wants to create a dataset with experience data of members who combine intention setting with taking a microdose.

We hope to find new and effective methods to relieve anxiety and suffering, and contribute to the understanding of the psyche and the relation between mind and body. 

Want to know more?

VistaPlus is carefully looking for members to further extend our dataset and to help research the effects and implications of plant medicine and psychedelic assisted therapy.

Microdosing research psilocybin magic mushrooms and sclerotia truffles. Plant medicine and the mycelium network are divine

Who looks outside, dreams; 
who looks inside, awakes. 

- Carl Jung