Microdosing Guidance

It's not about the goal, but the journey. As microdosing coach we guide you in the process of microdosing and integration of

As microdosing coach, we guide you step by step to gain maximum benefits in the process of microdosing, and minimize the potential risks. We have found that better, and especially longer lasting results are achieved when the microdosing course is followed with proper guidance and coaching.

We offer personal guidance in the form of one-on-one phone- or video-call consults:

  • a personal consult for practical questions about microdosing
  • personal guidance during your 6 week microdosing course (3 sessions)

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Rate: €75 - €150,- 

Personal guidance through 3 sessions

Are you determined to get the most out of your microdosing course? Or would you like to ‘check in’ with us a few times after you start with microdosing for feedback and guidance? During your 6 week microdosing course we guide you with 3 coaching sessions via phone- or video-call.

Session 1: Intention and Goals (this session takes place before you start microdosing)

We do a one hour intake interview where we make your intentions and goals clear.

  • Differentiating between setting an intention and a goal
  • How to determine your ‘sweet spot’ (your ideal dose)
  • How to break patterns and create new ones
  • Tips & tricks how to get more out of microdosing
  • Clarifying the Microdosing protocol

Session 2: 'Soul Quest' (this session preferably takes place during your microdosing day)
Here we go deeper into your life's habits, patterns and desires.

  • An evaluation of past weeks experiences
  • Fine-tuning of intention and protocol
  • Breaking old- and finding new inspiring habits and patterns
  • Integrating the gained insights into your day to day life

Session 3: Integration (this session is planned at the end of your microdosing process)
During this last session we will discuss how to properly integrate your gained insights and experiences.

  • What other beneficial 'tools' to use, and how to properly use them
  • How to deeply root your experiences for the long term

Follow up sessions : 60 - 90 min €75 - €150,- 

Feel free to send us a message to discuss the possibilities